“Walk it Off”

Everyone has those family quotes and inside jokes. Well in my family we say, “Walk it off.” I can not count the amount of times I have heard this. Whether it was being screamed at me from the side lines of a soccer field, or when I stubbed my toe at the house, this could always be heard. It originated when
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A Butterfly on my Knee.

On my Instagram page (eds.everydaysuccesses) I posted a picture of the butterfly tattoo I just got a couple of days ago. I promised an explanation about the butterfly and ensured you that it had to do with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and my journey. So if you are interested here it goes… Continue reading


How do you describe EDS?

Recently I asked my Instagram followers to give me a one to three word description of EDS. I took the answers that I got and put them into a word cloud. I am very happy to present the descriptions of EDS provided by those who know it best. Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.04.33 PM.png

Leave me a comment: Comment and let me know your one to three word description and if you liked this post comment and like to let me know and I will do more like this!

What Do You Think is the Most Misunderstood Aspect of EDS?

I think that the most misunderstood aspect of EDS is the most obvious one. You can’t see EDS. You can’t look at someone with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and think “oh yeah, I can tell she has that.” Being invisible makes it harder to understand for those who come in contact with a zebra. Understanding a broken arm is easy because you see the cast or psoriasis because you see the red skin. It is impossible to see EDS in everyday life. You can’t see the pain behind someone’s eyes without really knowing them and you can’t tell when someone is falling apart from the inside out. Because of this people mistake those with EDS as complainers and hypochondriacs. It is important to understand that everyone has struggles. Some are larger than others but all are important. I struggle with this. I struggle to understand why people can’t just stop and take a moment to think about what others go through but I know that if I was not going through something myself that I may not do this either. This is why I started a blog, to help others understand that just because I look okay does not mean we feel okay. We are literally living through a battle under our skin but smiling through it. Please, next time you see someone take a moment to understand them before you say something about them.

How Do You Feel About Your Current Treatment Plan?

How do you feel about your current treatment plan?

Treatment plan? What treatment plan? HA! Right now, I do bare minimum to deal with the daily pain and dislocations. When I hurt, I rest the limb and try and distract myself from the pain. When I dislocate, I rest, ice the limb and sometimes take some advil or something over the counter. I try to avoid medicines as much as possible because of the damage they can do to your body. Other than ice, rest and some advil, I have no other treatments other than taking a hot shower to relax. I am doing fine without extensive treatment right now but I know that I will need more and more as life progresses. I think that it is easier for me to live with such a relaxed treatment plan because I am able to make the adjustments I need to deal with day to day life. For instance, at home I use a walker to help navigate and I sit when needed. I also have an amazing family that is there for anything I need. My brother is a pro at setting up my ice machine and I can’t thank him enough for everything he helps me with. I am happy that I am on a minimum effort treatment plan right now because I am young and I do not like the idea of being held back by the plan set in place for me to survive. We will see what the future holds but for now, I am content. 

Healthy Habits and Why They Help

Another day, another post. So the question is…

What healthy habits have you adapted since getting diagnosed?

Since being diagnosed I have changed some of my habits but I haven’t changed tremendously. These have included… Continue reading